Tablets’ Worst Features

Tablets’ Worst Features

Tablets are quickly gaining popularity and the reasons most people want them are very different. Possible reasons could be for business, work, school, or just for playing with. Whatever those reasons are, tablets have equally different and distinct features each stronger or weaker than others.

It is important to find out what features exactly you are looking for and find the corresponding tablet that is right for you. Sometimes, naming everything you want /4/be a difficult task that could make you end up with a very long list. So we here name the worst features of tablets. 

Microsoft Surface 2

  • App support – a quarter of users for this Microsoft tablet have complained about app support being poor and inaccessible for any questions or installation details.
  • Speaker quality – this is important to consider if you are buying a tablet for movies or music. 20% of users have reported poor speaker quality.
  • Touch cover keyboard – though Microsoft tablets are more known for these keyboards and the ability to take away the tablet typing problem, a small amount of users, at 15%, have complained of its aesthetics rather than its functionality saying that it makes the tablet less compact and more bulky and heavier. 

iPad Air

  • Browser crashes – an astounding 30% of users have reported browser crashes through the iPad air.
  • Screen issues – issues with touch screen sensitivity and non-responsiveness have also been reported.
  • Keyboard responsiveness – the tablet keyboard for the iPad air is small and compact, keyboard responsiveness /4/be attributed to typing too fast.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – experienced not just on this model but on most of Apple’s gadgets, Wi-Fi connectivity is slow and cannot easily be caught by the iPad Air.

Kindle HDX

  • App support – with the Amazon mayday button frequently mentioned in marketing strategies for the kindle, you would think that support would never be an issue. 
  • Battery – 20% of users of this tablet complain about the battery running too short even if the kindle HDX has been proven to run at 8 hours.
  • Device freezing – very inconvenient when reading books. It stops all the excitement and you lose your page.

iPad mini with Retina Display

  • Storage –  as tablets are mostly used in a way similar to smartphones but more ‘extreme’, storage on tablets such as the iPad mini /4/be used a little bit more. And with an increased number of files and GBs used, storage issues /4/arise.
  • Browser crashes – also attributed to increase used storage capacity, the fuller your iPad is, the more chances there are of hanging and crashes.
  • Keyboard responsiveness – again with a small and compact design, keyboards /4/not be as accustomed to quick typing as smartphones are.

If you want to buy a tablet, choose carefully, do research on all the positive traits if what you way want in a tablet but also consider peoples most common complaints with them in order to get a more in depth feel of what you /4/be purchasing.

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