Tag Heuer plans to Freeload on Apple Watch

Tag Heuer plans to Freeload on Apple Watch

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Tag Heuer CEO has interesting strategy for its smartwatch.

Tag Heuer is about to damage its incredible brand with their smartwatch. I am a huge Tag Heuer fan and wear a Tag Heuer Monaco since years. In March Tag Heuer announced that the Swiss luxury watch maker is partnering with Google and Intel for its smartwatch. 

“Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley is a marriage of technological innovation with watchmaking credibility. Our collaboration provides a rich host of synergies, forming a win-win partnership, and the potential for our three companies is enormous,” said Jean-Claude Biver, President of the Watch Division LVMH Group and CEO of TAG Heuer.

Now Biver revealed a more primitive success strategy for the Tag Heuer Smartwatch. In an interview with Bloomberg (for some reason Tag Heuer only talks to Bloomberg) the Tag Heuer CEO said: “I hope they sell millions and millions and millions of them. The more they sell the more a few people will want something different and come to TAG Heuer.”

Jon Stewart would say: “Tag Heuer, meet me at camera three.” You are the Swiss Watch brand with the most high-tech affinity and you are basing your success on beeing an alternative to the few who don’t want an Apple Watch because everybody wears one? How about you try to offer something better than the Apple Watch? The Android Wear route is a cop out that will in my opinion backfire. A better option would have been to take something like the hybrid smartwatch from Kairos to the next level.

The Bloomberg report also mentions that the Tag Heuer Smartwatch will sell for $1,400 in October or November. Sounds actually to low priced to me, but then if its not an innovative product and just something different than the Apple Watch that everybody wears by Fall.

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