Taylor Swift and Hozier: More than Friends?

Taylor Swift and Hozier: More than Friends?

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  • Are Taylor Swift and Hozier Much More than Friends?

The question is a legitimate one. Are Taylor Swift and Hozier much more than just friends? Or is the relationship merely platonic in nature.

Taylor Swift probably has the hots for a new boyfriend of sorts. She was spotted at Sam Smith’s after party with none other than Hozier. The two were glued to each other and seemed to be having a whole lot of fun.

They appeared to be the ideal couple. While nothing serious seemed to be going on between them, Taylor was seen to give Hozier a couple of pecks on his cheek. Now isn’t that sweet!

They spent their free time idling away the hours till the early morning, according to E!. Hozier looked happy as a hippo in mud and Taylor too was blushing like a sweet sixteen on her first date. A few days back the two were in close proximity at a concert.

In October of last year, Swift made an appearance in one of Hozier’s performances. Then the two also collaborated in Nashville, the center of country music culture. Hozier has gone on record to say that Taylor is a wonderful human being and just being with her was a great way to bond with an amazing person that he would like to get to know well. 

However, not everyone is willing to jump to conclusions. Some say the two are just friends and nothing else. Among the guest list at Sam Smith’s /4/be included: Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Haim and Skrillex.

The fact that Hozier and Taylor were possibly going out on dates with each other is another flying rumor that is still just a rumor for now. That they engaged in a game of kissy face wih each other /4/be taken at face value as just a little harmless flirtation or it /4/be seen as something much more than superficial boy-meets-girl play.

While Hozier writes spiritual lyrics in his songs and has all the demeanor of a hippie-cum-bohemian, Taylor is the sugar and spice and all things nice pop/country starlet who has an image of perfection set in stone.

The close interaction of both Hozier and Taylor led people on the grapevine to start cracking joked about the obvious attraction between them. But of course, it could also be just a little bit of fun on the side. In case of these mega stars you never know whether they are serious about an affair or just play-acting. 


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