Taylor Swift Blank Space Music Video Accomplice blushes on Set

Taylor Swift Blank Space Music Video Accomplice blushes on Set

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Taylor Swift had an accomplice in the form of Sean O’Pry on the set of her Blank Space music video and he blushed thanks to her.

The music video clip for Blank Space was quite a shocker. And Taylor Swift’s costar on the clip, the male model Sean O’Pry, was also born in the same year as Swift (that would be 1989). BTW, he is currently the richest model on the face of the planet. He has earned his laurels and he is also the face of Viktor & Rolf which is no mean feat. 

According to VanityFair, the model talked about his stint with Taylor and how she did something which made him positively blush on set. He says that he was informed by his manager that he had been chosen to take part in a Taylor Swift video and it was a decision taken solely by Taylor’s management. 

Taylor Swift was the one calling the shots here. When the model was asked if he had met Taylor before he replied rather matter-of-factly that he had not. But he had heard about her as had the whole planet. The shooting of the music video clip was a whole different ball game. It had two different properties to it.

The scene of Taylor wrecking a car is what comes first of all in the visuals. O’Pry said that working with her was a completely new experience since she is so famous. He now understands how she reached the heights of fame she is renowned for.

O’Pry admitted that Taylor has tons of talent and scads of skills. He was a fan of her music right from the start since Tim McGraw is his favorite country musician and when Taylor released a song bearing his name, it led to O’Pry crying tears of emotional drainage on his musical instrument.

O’Pry is good at lip-synching. And he saw Taylor’s famous cat, Olivia Benson. The T-shirt worn by O’Pry had cut-out areas around the nipples. He is also taking acting classes since he does not want to be known as only a pretty face around the block.

As for Taylor’s fans, he says they are many more than his. O’Pry said that Taylor made him blush by biting him on his lower lip. He tried to control his sexual feelings during the shoot since it was purely a professional job but still he got all shook up about the whole thing. But he said that Taylor hugged him in the end reassuringly. She is a true friend. 

According to ETOnline, the music video by Taylor is somewhat of a weird effort. People like Katy Perry and Aretha Franklin both hated it thoroughly. The gowns and lingeries she wears on the set as well as the nipple cut-outs of O’Pry have many people in a state of aggravation.

I could show you incredible things. http://smarturl.it/BlankSpaceVevo Edit credit goes to @dailynarnia

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Some of the clothes Taylor wore in the video clip are just plain odd and look good on someone with way less fashion sense than Taylor. From wearing a jaguar print dress all the way to cutting out holes in O’Pry’s shirt she is the normal woman gone mad.

Then she destroys his brand new car which only shows the insane mentality of some spoilt rich bratty woman you find in the West. It basically shows a cheating ex-lover of Taylor’s and how she wreaks vengeance on him. According to Dailymail, the video is actually art imitating life. Since Taylor is used to broken relationships in her real life, such a video clip shows her chaotic and disastrous love affairs with the males of the species.

According to Guardian, Taylor broke every previous model of weirdness and extraordinary oddball mindset in this video. She is someone who brought horses into the bedroom in the music clip. She rides a bike in her house too. And she has a picnic which consists of candy and champagne.

As for the parts where she cuts out holes in O’Pry’s shirt and smashes his car with a golf club…well the less said the better it would be! It shows that we are indeed living in an age of sophistry where anything goes. While we /4/not be in the midst of the Dark Ages, it is in fact a time of the Neon Light instead of the Warm Bright Sunshine that brings Happiness. Such unnatural deconstructions that leave you with your mouth wide open can only inspire the monsters that the sleep of reason generates in its wake. 

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