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Taylor Swift posted her photographs wearing a Cat Lady robe thereby showing her love for cats.

Famous singer Taylor Swift is a lover of animals (especially cats). The 24-year-old singer recently posted her two photographs on Instagram in which she was wearing a personalized Cat Lady robe. Her robe had pictures of numerous cats printed on it. She was wearing a hood in the photograph and it looked as if she was standing in an airplane.  She showed that she was not at all ashamed of her love for cats. She customized her robe specially to show a love for her cats. 

She posted this picture on Instagram on 21st October. She posted the text that she usually wore such clothes in airplanes. She said that she knew that everyone had their eyes on her which showed that she was not afraid of what other people’s reactions would be.

The robe in the pictures looked very comfortable. It was covered in all sorts of pictures of cats. She had her name embroidered at the back of this robe in golden. These pictures clearly show that only Taylor Swift can carry a robe full of cat pictures. She made this big robe look cute as she looked really pretty in it.

This is a good example of what I typically wear on planes, in front of lots of other people who all have eyes.

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It was said that Taylor Swift has been indulging her self these days. She had been in and out of many relations in past years and now she was totally dressing to please herself.

Taylor has not been romantically attached to any one recently. She revealed that she was happy not be involved with anybody. She said that she was focusing on herself and wanted to take a look at life by thinking about it. She said that it was really healthy far a person if they do not date for a few years.

Not dating for some time gives an insight to the person about their own life. She said that her experience without a boyfriend had been very good so far. She also appeared on “The Voice” where she answered many questions asked by eager fans about her lifestyle.

Front stoops. #WelcomeToNewYork

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