Teen Mom Farrah Abraham To Maci Bookout: Nobody Needs You Here

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham To Maci Bookout: Nobody Needs You Here

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  • Farrah Abraham Has A Major Fight with Maci Bookout

On Teen Mom, Farrah lent Maci some unsolicited advice in the form of “Nobody needs you here.” This straightforwardness led to some interesting things happening on the show.

In the latest episode of MTV’s Teen Mom, Farrah was the rudest personality West of Suez. She had her hackles raised and insulted anyone and everyone she could within sonic range of her shrill voice. The others on the show included: Catelynn, Tyler, Amber and of course Maci. 

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It all begins with a confrontation between Farrah and her boyfriend Simon in the car. When he admits that women are into nagging and so he doesn’t want to rush marriage, she becomes the quintessential ice queen and stops responding to his apologies. After 24 hours, Farrah asks Simon if he meant what he said. He wavers, yet she gives him an ultimatum and says that she will leave him unless he considers her point of view too.  

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Amber arrives in the Big Apple with her fiance Matt. When she notices Farrah without her boyfriend, she decides that it makes no difference to her. There is static between Maci and Farrah and it is very palpable. Meanwhile, Tyler and Catelynn enjoy their female camaraderie as BFFs. 

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When Farrah comes to know that Maci is leaving the show she spouts forth some wisecracks and snide remarks that land on their destined target. The manure hits the fan when Farrah tells Maci to her face that she is not needed on the show so she can go to hell. Maci responds wisely and prudently but in a tit for tat manner. 

Then a series of insults begin between the two. Finally, they sit down to rationally discuss the reason behind Maci’s sudden departure. In the end, Maci leaves without a word. Later on Amber, Maci and Catelynn huddle and gossip about Farrah’s bad attitude. 

In the last scene, the three go to face Farrah head on. One of them tells her she is barking up the wrong tree. The other one says that her behavior is shocking (like a slap in the face). And the third one says that it is over between them so she better get lost. 

The three girls are united by their animosity towards Farrah and this time it is Farrah’s turn to get up and leave. The three having vented their spleen are at peace with themselves. Farrah it seems is the loser in this gambit and she is going to have to take the lonely and thorny road of individualism for the near future.  


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