Teqball: A Brand New Concept in Football Practice

Teqball: A Brand New Concept in Football Practice



If you want to practice football without the hassles the full-contact sport entails than Teqball is the thing for you. It is a brand new concept that appeals to the inner soccer aficionado in us all.

Teqball is an absolutely revolutionary space-age design equipment which /4/be used to practice for future engagement in football matches on the field. 

“Teqball is a new sport equipment and a new sport based on football. The equipment is a fun training tool for both professionals and amateurs to develop their technical and concentration skills, along with their stamina. The sport will bring real football to the homes of people,” states Teqball’s Kickstarter page.

It consists of an elliptical board, termed Teqboard, made of wood that is shaped in the manner of a Pringles potato chip. The board size is 150×300 cm while it weighs 80 kg. The net height of board is 14 cm while it requires space of 30-35 per square meter. 

The various sensors and spotting technology that is embedded in the Teqboard allow the football to bounce off it and reach the individual players. These /4/be two, four or many more. 

The beauty of Teqball is that no player comes into physical contact with any other player. It is very much like table tennis except that in the case of Teqball…computer electronics and a specially designed football are involved. 

But this game is not just child’s play. It will measure the skills of the players and tallies the number of points they have scored using add-on accessory Teqbox that will be released in Q2 2015 .

“The Teqbox add-on to Teqball will be the world’s first equipment, which will be able to objectively measure the technical football skills of a player in a fun-filled way.”

Basically, the ball is controlled by the computerized equipment in such a way that it only goes out in the direction of the player concerned. 

And each player gets to keep hitting the ball every 2-3 seconds. This results in sufficient output when measured against duration. Novice players get to practice their skills in a safe environment and slowly ever so imperceptibly build stamina and talent. 

Official rules of Teqball can be downloaded from Teqball.com.

The campaign to make Teqball a popular feature of the sports and technology landscape is underway. It involves funding and a whole series of demos on Kickstarter. 


Meanwhile, there remain a few last minute changes that need to be made in order to fine tune the sports system even more so. The Teqboard /4/be implanted anywhere spacious. 

This could be a lawn, a park or a gym. The smooth-flowing movements of the ball ricocheting from one player to another and back, proves that football doesn’t need a large stadium of the FIFA World Cup variety. It can take place within the confines of your very own residence!    

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