Tesla recruits 150+ Apple Employees leaving the High Tech Firm High and Dry

Tesla recruits Maximum Apple Employees leaving the High Tech Firm High and Dry

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Tesla Motors has recruited the maximum number of Apple employees numbering 150+ thus leaving the high tech firm high and dry. And while Apple too tried to lure in Tesla workers with lucrative deals, it failed miserably at the task.

Tesla Motors is indeed a name to be reckoned with. The electric car company, named after a tortured genius who engaged in some pretty high profile feuds with Thomas Alva Edison, the Magician of Menlo Park, is on top of its game at present.

Its head, Elon Musk, is a game changer who has started the trend of converting cars into virtual computers on wheels. While currently about 10% of a vehicle /4/have software installed in it, within a generation or two the percentage will probably rise to 60%. Elon has a style of leadership and management that is a ditto copy of Apple’s late head, Steve Jobs.

The same temper tantrums and wild and wavering mood swings can be clearly seen in Elon’s way of handling his employees. He even likes to chat up promising interviewees in an attempt at getting to know them better. But woe to him who gets on the wrong side of Elon. He will be in for a scolding and scorn the likes of which no one has seen or will ever see. 

Elon, being the hard-driven head honcho of Tesla, has brought in more than 150 plus employees of Apple to his organization in what is the biggest headhunting campaign west of Suez. Many workers at Apple go in for challenging careers at Tesla and thrive on the chaos.

Yet the opposite cannot be said to be true. As Elon himself confesses, Apple has tried to give $250,000 salaries to Tesla employees along with many perks and fringe benefits. But so far it has failed to attract many from Tesla Motor’s side.

The exciting field of engineering and design, that is making huge strides as time progresses, will leave Detroit (which was the center of automobile manufacturing) far behind. Elon has everything in control as far as leading his company towards the forefront of technological evolution and car creativity is concerned.

The Model S sedan is especially a venture that has made the world stand up and take notice. And while Tesla has learnt a thing or two from Apple and its late boss Steve Jobs, its trajectory in the future will be determined by the level of trust between its workers and administration. 

Source: Bloomberg


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