The Apple Watch is a good fitness companion without GPS

The Apple Watch is a good fitness companion without GPS

The device requires no built in GPS and will learn your running habits after a bit of training

The Apple Watch is certainly going to cash on its health oriented side which is unsurprisingly also the most popular aspect of the device. Just like all other smatwatches on the market, the Apple Watch will let users monitor their movements on a routinely basis, count and track the number of steps they take daily and also keep a record of the calories burned as a result of all these activities. Not only this, the watch has a special motivational touch to it; it has the ability to sense that the user has been sedentary for too long and when it does, it starts encouraging him/her to get active again.

All this sounds reasonable good for a smartwatch but there have been doubts regarding the usability of the Apple Watch when it comes to runners. This is because the watch doesn’t have a built in GPS system and if it needs to be paired with an iPhone for run tracking then it is not meeting the point for the runners in terms of practicality. But as it turns out, the device is not useless without a GPS system and Apple has designed it considering that it would be used as a running companion.

Christy Turlington’s blog has been telling us that the device might require a little training after which it will be able to learn the user’s running habits. Christy Turlington has been keeping her blog up to date with all her Apple Watch experiences and this is what she had to say about the device as a running companion;

“After you run with Apple Watch and your iPhone a few times, the Workout app knows more about your stride. So you can run on a treadmill or outside without your phone and still get a really accurate workout summary. By midweek I had to get a long run in, but even 14 miles was challenging in one shot. So instead of one long run, I broke it into two 7-mile runs (morning and evening).”


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