The Best And Worst Apple Rumors This Week

The Best and Worst Apple Rumors This Week

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Apple is hard at work on a number of products, but we must rely on rumors

Here are the five biggest rumors of the week, although they aren’t all the most likely:

-Apple Might Be Working With Swatch: Starting off with a rumor that hasn’t turned out to be true, here. Swatch has denied their participation in the iWatch development process after many claimed they were giving Apple a hand.

-The Tow iPhone 6s Will Be Released Separately:Reports coming from suppliers have stated that there are issues with the larger iPhone 6 model, although there doesn’t seem to be too much supporting this. Apple has not shown much interest in dividing up launches in this way before.

-Exercise Triggered Settings: In addition to new location based settings, it would appear that Apple is devising a way of turning on Do Not Disturb Mode whenever the phone senses that you are exercising. We don’t yet know exactly how this will work, or how Apple will stop it from turning on unnecessarily.

-New Macs and Yosemite Coming In October: The new OS X and desktop computer from Apple is shaping up to be a great combination. Apple hasn’t made an official release date public yet, but they have released betas that show they are getting closer and closer to completion.

-An iPhone Event Is Coming In September: Apple has already hinted that there will be an event in September, but the hard work they have completed on the iPhone 6 makes it obvious what they will be announcing.

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