The Big Bang Theory honor the late Carol Ann Susi

The Big Bang Theory honor the late Carol Ann Susi


The newest episode of the show paid homage to the late actress who provided the shrill sound of Howard’s mother in the past season.

Only a voice in the past seasons of the show, Mrs. Wolowitz certainly became a fan favorite. She was unique in the toll of mothers of the characters on the show and her relationship with her son has caused many laughs over the seasons. Sadly Carol Ann Susi, the actress who played the character or rather voiced the character, passed away recently in November.

It remained to be seen how Chuck Lorre would handle the death of a regular cast member. Would they replace her quietly and not expect the viewers to notice or actually acknowledge the death of the actress. Gladly, they chose to the latter by honoring the role of Mrs. Wolowitz on the most recent episode of the show “The Comic Book Store Regeneration”. It was definitely a plot filled episode with the characters in their own frenzy of plots but it all came together in the last few minutes. 

Howard and Stuart were going at each other again as the opening of the comic book store drew closer. It has been a great subplot this season. To see Howard’s jealous side for his mother’s affection which Stuart had claim. The new guy seemed to be spending more time with his mother which evidently pissed Howard. The arguments also kept going until they both realized that the woman they had been fighting over was no more. The gang all turned up to support their little friend even Sheldon who doesn’t consider Howard his friend.

It was really nice to see them all come together for Mrs. Wolowitz. It signified a bond of the characters with each other even though they didn’t see much of her and only heard her shouting mostly. Except for Raj maybe, who was considered Howard’s boyfriend by Mrs. Wolowitz. The gang was up to their own tricks when the news reached them including Sheldon having a row with Amy over helping another scientist, Amy revealing that she was conducting cognitive study on Penny.

Leonard discovered that he was an involuntary subject in the study when he came back with Raj. He and Raj caught Nathan Fillion in a diner and they were convinced that he was their favorite character from Firefly. While he spent time convincing them that he wasn’t Malcolm Reynolds, Howard and Stuart discovered about Mrs. Wolowitz. Howard had to write and read out her eulogy which was sad on itself.

Overall, what was appreciated the most was the sensitivity of the show towards the death of its cast member. By paying tribute to the late actress, they have proven that it is indeed viewer’s favorite show in all respects. 

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