The Enigma of Webdriver Torso Baffles Net Users

The Enigma of Webdriver Torso Baffles Net Users

Webdriver Torso

A YouTube phenomenon by the name of Webdriver Torso has baffled the Net users by the sheer dint of the enigma it represents.

Webdriver Torso is a YouTube channel that consists of many brief video clips that have gone viral on the Internet. And this latest “in” thing has driven so many people up the wall by its mysterious qualities and enigmatic nature. 

The moving pictures show blue and red rectangles in the same manner as the Stars and Stripes and there seems to be no sense in their random behavior on screen. And there are over 80,000 of them. 

The accompanying sound bites appear to be nihilistic in nature to boot. The source of all this non-sense was traced to a user by the name of Webdriver Torso. It turns out to be the case that this here user started shoveling in the video clips onto the Net-scape some eight odd months ago. 

Each and every video clip is 11 seconds in duration which makes for a pretty short attention span in case of the viewers. The format of each animated sample remains pretty much the same. 

Each 11 seconds video features 10 slides. A red rectangle and a blue rectangle is present in each slide. The pitch tone of each slide is unique. All the 10 slides in the 11 second video are numbered. A watermark of “aqua.flv” is visible on each slide.

According to Engadget, Webdriver Torso is “not just a mystery that has existed in the usual cool shade of internet forums, either. There’s been input from sites like The Daily Dot, and even the BBC and The Guardian have waded into the fray. As interest in the YouTube account snowballed, inevitably it would attract individuals with a little more to add other than wild speculation.”

The solution to this riddle was sought by various agencies from cryptologists to decoding websites. Several attempts went awry and it was only recently that an Italian blogger gathered some relevant clues that hit the nail on the head. 

The source was traced and it ended up as being a Facebook user that had long since deleted his account. But the Italian blogger was very intelligent and had managed to find the person responsible for the whole trick. It was a Google employee. 



Then one of the images looks eerily like a dancing image of Rick Astley. It turns out that it was all just a stupid accident. Google sends these videos to YouTube to verify its upload quality. And the spillage was a silly mistake. Well, so much for the element of mystery.  

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