The First Super Bowl 50 Ad Teaser Comes from Newcastle

The First Super Bowl 50 Ad Teaser Comes from Newcastle


Newcastle is not done yet with Super Bowl advertising. The beer brand released a teaser for the Super Bowl 2016 commercial.

The Super Bowl 2015 has just taken place. Newcastle had a fun Super Bowl campaign with band of brands. Newcastle is waisting no time and already launched the Super Bowl 2016 ad campaign with a teaser.

The year-long tease for Newcastle’s 2016 big game ad has begun. The teaser features some weird futuristic inventions with a robotic voice over.

Newcastle has already setup a website under for the longest running Super Bowl ad teaser campaign.

Super Bowl 2016 will be huge. It is going to be Super Bowl 50. The honors to host this big anniversary Super Bowl has San Francisco Bay Area. Super Bowl 50 will be played at the Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA.

CBS will broadcast the Super Bowl 50 on February 7, 2016.

Instead of Super Bowl L, the 50th Superbowl will be officially named Super Bowl 50. I am all for dropping the roman numbers and stick with the arabic numerals. Nobody is using the roman numericals online. 

Super Bowl 50

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