The Flash shows Harrison Wells divulging Everything

The Flash shows Harrison Wells divulging Everything

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The “Out of Time” episode of The Flash shows Harrison Wells divulging everything possible. It is a must-see audiovisual plot that will allow the audience a peek into what is going on deep inside the characters’ minds.

The Flash’s Harrison Wells has been an offbeat person since day one. He is a futuristic person that has his well-wishers dying to know every detail about him. At one point he was the Reverse Flash which led to even more curiosity among his fans.

The current episode titled “Out of Time” sees him telling it all. Harrison Wells is Eobard Thawne or to the uninitiated “Dr. Zoom”. In the past, Reverse Flash wasn’t kept within his limits. Cisco hires Caitlin to put the boss off the scent.

Wells tells Cisco that he murdered Nora Allen a decade and a half ago in cold blood. Wells basically desires to return to the future. But for this he requires Barry Allen. Later on he also shoots Cisco right between the eyes.

The revelations are simply too shocking to even begin to contemplate. A few questions remain unanswered though right till the end. Time travel is a central feature of the series. 

Harrison has some very valuable skills in the fine art of killing. One of the methods he employs is that by simply vibrating his hands on the other person’s heart, he manages to kill him within seconds. But as Ronald Reagan once said: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Some things are better left unspoken and kept implicit in the subtext. The time warps are too complex to even go into. Harrison actually wanted to kill Barry Allen and not Nora Allen. That is the great mix-up that he wound up being involved in. And the fact that this animal now wants to kill Barry is just another example of greed being a bottomless pit.

But one thing that has to be said is that the character is played very well by the actor playing Harrison. Doctor Wells is a two-timing, double-crossing lunatic who knows how to handle others so much so that they are putty in his hands.

Nevertheless, Wells speaks the plain truth and by doing so engenders his plans of mischief. But then we come upon the biggest revelation of them all. And that is that Wells is being evil on purpose. He is not doing it because he enjoys being bad. He has his reasons and when they come out in the light of day, he will be redeemed of his criminal persona. 

At one point words to the effect that bad people know love, are capable of being kind and have a heart come out of his lips. In fact, bad people are capable of great acts of charity and sentimentality. If you ignore their negative sides, they have a positive side too.

As for time travel, it is a hyper-flexible series of wormholes that the characters get to go through and come out of in The Flash. The later complications and twists of drama that occur in the series make for interesting viewing.

Barry is involved in a lot of complex situations and as for a few other characters; they too wind up getting their comeuppance. It is indeed a very cool show that surpasses itself. The Weather Wizard (Mark Mardon) has his role cut out for him too. And the ending is as much of a surprise and a shock as can be imagined by the human imagination.

Barry and Linda are shown going out on a date. And there Barry and Iris start getting all lovey-dovey while Eddie and Linda look on in anger. So there is a touch of human jealousy portrayed in the otherwise sci-fi show. Watch it and be entertained to the max!


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