The Rock and Popeye Compare Biceps

The Rock and Popeye Compare Biceps

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The Rock hit up WWE’s Monday Night RAW and now he hangs with Popeye in New York. See the pic.

The Rock made a surprise visit to WWE Monday Night RAW. The Rock of course smack talked like he never left and beat up Rusev. Watch the how the audience reacts as The Rock makes the surprise appearance.

Get a dose of The Rock’s smack talking in the clip below.

A couple hour ago Triple H talked about The Rock’s appearance on WWE again. The question is now was that a one off or is The Rock back in Wrestling. Triple H reveals also what is in store this Friday night on the 15th Anniversary of SmackDown

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is right now in New York. A couple hours ago he met the only comic hero with similar arms, Popeye. See the photo below.


Yup, size matters. #BicepsAndRoses #WME #NewYorkCity #TakinCareOfBusiness

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