The Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction Turns 50

The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction Turns 50

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  • Keith Richard’s favorite cover.
  • Who bombed on their attempt?
  • And who made pop history?

Released in June 1965, the song has remained in music history since release and helped to change how music changed. Sometimes covers succeed while others bomb.

The Rolling Stones are part of Rock and Roll history, transitioning the shift from more pop music to a bluesy rock. That’s why 50 years of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” celebrates musical history.

Released on June 6, 1965, “Satisfaction” propelled the Stones into international stardom and created a legacy that’s still being cultivated today.

People notes that the lyrics were scandalizing with references to sexuality. “’Cause I try and I try and I try and I try/I can’t get no, I can’t get no” combined with “and I’m tryin’ to make some girl” illustrates a person on a mission for release. Appalling for the 1960s, not so much for 2015.

“Satisfaction” is one of the most covered songs in rock history, with everyone from blues legend Otis Redding to new wave’s own Devo. Personally, Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards loves Reddings’ version.

Written without horns, only using a Gibson Maestro Fuzz Box as a stand-in, Richards never expected to hear a real horn rendition. He told a fan that Redding “interpreted it perfectly.” The bluesy, wailing voice manages to invoke the feeling of frustration and desperation of finding completition. He also loved Johnny Cash’s covers of the band’s various songs.

And vocalizing a hook took a back seat when the Stones reintroduced the riffing style that artists like Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath continued to use. And the timbre addition changed the landscape of rock since even Paul McCartney followed along in “Think For Yourself.” The British Invasion definitely had a leg up on American artists until Jimi Hendrix destroyed most musicians with solos that are still hard to reproduce even today.

What about some newer interpretations, though?

Britney Spear’s Oops!…I Did It Again album featured “Satisfaction” and created one of the most iconic MTV Video Music Award scenes, causing a lot of parents to angrily write op-ed pieces. The medley combined with “Oops” showcased Spears stripping off a glittery suit outfit. While many critics were not a fan of the selection, the pop star definitely cemented a place in MTV history.

Then you’ve got Vanilla Ice’s attempt. Maybe the older artists had it right.

And for the select few who can find a record store or have an Amazon account, you can buy a limited edition 12-inch vinyl with original mono master tapes from the UK and US. Sleeve work will resemble the original and the bells and whistles will be a “true audiophile pressing, allowing for wider grooves that yield louder levels, broader dynamic range, deeper bass, and better high frequency response.” The item’ll ship from Amazon on July 10, 2015.

Maybe now some fans can get a little satisfaction.

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