The Sexiest Karlie Kloss Photos from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

The Sexiest Karlie Kloss Photos from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014

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Karlie Kloss outshone the rest at the Victoria’s Secret Show 2014. She was cute and sassy in her ensembles that made her stand out onstage.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is about to arrive on your boob tube on December 9th. And the venue it will display where the show took place last night was London. The Angels of the show which consisted of eight super-sexy girls will figure among the ensemble. 

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They include among their ranks: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss and last but not least Lindsay Ellingson. Basically, the venue is a combination of style, sensuality and show(wo)manship. The whole shebang will get aired in over 200 nations of the global village. Among the highlights are included: song and dance, one-on-one talks, model info and sneak peeks. 

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Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie and bedroom fantasy wear store that is famous the world over. This was the first time that the show was held across the Atlantic in England. Mostly it is held in the United States of America. The whole thing began in the nifty nineties. Each year more than three dozen models from the world over attend the event and strut their stuff in front of the cameras. The models wear wings which range from small butterfly-sized ones to giant-sized fur wings. 

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The famous supermodels in the past that came on board the show include: Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Laetitia Casta. Throughout the Noughties the show continued to air on television and got so many hot and bothered underneath the collar. The sexual heat generated by the svelte figures was such that it titillated and tantalized everybody who saw them swish and sway their bottoms on the ramp. 

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Karlie Kloss was probably the tallest of the nymphets present onstage. She was an incredible 6 feet 1 inch long and hailed from St. Louis, Missouri. A hot-tempered and hot-blooded Yank, Karlie Kloss is a true Leo. And it is the leonine spirit in her that forces her out of bed every morning to have a hearty breakfast of Cheerios and almond milk along with fruit. 

Kloss wants to go skydiving but is afraid of the height from which she will have to jump. The one place she likes to visit often is Paris, the city of food, freedom and fashion. Kloss engaged in the Heavenly photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret where she got to wear the silky white wings of an Angel. 

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Karlie is also responsible for showcasing the Heavenly fragrance which is truly paradisaical in its power to captivate via the scent glands of its recipients. Most of the campaign for Heavenly took place in Chicago. She also celebrated Bombshells Day by appearing in red ensembles in front of a red background with Candice. 

Karlie walked the runway in white lingerie along with downwards pointing dark gold wings. 

She also appeared onstage in pink butterfly network lacy lingerie and wings. Kloss looked the very epitome of ecstatic energy. 

She danced and sang in synch with Taylor Swift too. Later on, Taylor and Karlie both wore black lingerie ensembles with Swarovski Crystals embedded in them.

As for the after-party, Karlie had a pure white gown with a slit where the legs were supposed to be. A black bow tie in stylish fashion was attached to the neck region. She was indeed at the height of classic iciness in the dress.


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And did you know that both Karlie and Taylor Swift are BFFs. Yes, they are best friends forever. Nothing could come between them since they have sworn allegiance to each other as sisters-in-arms through thick and thin. They both wore black lace that made them sizzle in their sexiness. 

Taylor already has many friends among the universe of celebrities. She got to know Kloss well during the show which took place last year. 

Backstage at the #VSFashionShow with these blonde bombshells!

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Karlie also included several photos on her Instagram account. One of them is with the rest of the class of 2014 (that would be the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) and another one is with a master photographer without whom the pics would have never gotten snapped. 

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you…the #VSFashionShow class of 2014

A photo posted by @karliekloss on

Finally, there is a snapshot of her with Ed Razek, who transformed her into what she is today. This girl sure has come a long way. 

Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner were absent from the show this year. Meanwhile, the Victoria’s Secret girls after landing in London visited stores instead of wiping away their jet lag via some catnaps. They all looked very sexy in skintight jeans. They also got the full camaraderie and bucking up from Taylor Swift. 

Among the list of ensembles that got worn /4/be included: gilded angel, exotic traveler, fairy tale, dream girl, university of pink and angel ball. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed to the best of their abilities.

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The sexiest TV Show on American TV will air on December 9 on CBS at 10/9c. 

Be on the lookout for the televised section of the event coming to your locality. You will miss it at your peril! 

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