The Sexiest Super Bowl 2015 Ads

The Sexiest Super Bowl 2015 Ads


Sexy commercials made a comeback to the Super Bowl ad line-up. Last year only Scarlett Johansson brought a little steaminess to the Super Bowl commercials.

Advertisers in the Super Bowl 2015 rediscovered sexiness. Last year there have been no suggestive commercials at all. The only mildly sexy ad was the SodaStream Super Bowl 2014 ad starring Scarlett Johansson.

This has dramatically changed in 2015 thanks to Carl’s Jr. The Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl 2015 commercial with a “nude” Charlotte McKinney shot to the top of sexiest Super Bowl ads of all time. You will find the Charlotte McKinney commercial for years to come in all-time Sexiest Super Bowl commercials.

Victoria’s Secret also made a comeback this year with a commercial, but they fumbled. The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial is a far cry from their mesmerizing Super Bowl 2008 commercial with Adriana Lima. 

Kate Upton also made a comeback to the Super Bowl after her legendary Mercedes Super Bowl Teaser from 2013. Kate Upton appears in the Game of War Super Bowl 2015 Ad.

The $1 million winning Doritos Super Bowl 2015 Ad features a hot mum and Kim Kardashian shows off her assets  in the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial.

Watch the sexiest Super Bowl 2015 Ads below.

Sexiest Super Bowl 2015 Ads

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Super Bowl 2015 has been played and the Patriots won because the Seahawks did not activate Beast Mode when it counted. The Super Bowl 2015 commercials have been great again this year with a lot of variety. Humor dominated again. About one third of the Super Bowl commercials are funny in one way or another. Watch the funniest Super Bowl 2015 Ads and watch all 2015 Super Bowl Commercials on I4U News.

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