The Undertaker quits Wrestling but Not WWE

The Undertaker quits Wrestling but Not WWE

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The all-time great Undertaker is hinted at becoming an advisor for the WWE.

The Undertaker is one of the most legendary and feared wrestlers of all time. The Undertaker joined World Wrestling Federation in 1990 and makes him the longest tenured performer. It has been 24 years and this ‘Dead Man’ is still entertaining us and it seems he is in no mood to leave WWE.  

‘Wrestling Inc.’, reported that the Undertaker told people on Thursday that he would be taking an advisory role within the developmental program of the WWE. It is believed that the ‘Dead Man’ will visit the NXT Center in Orlando in order to help young talent and offer any advice he can to those looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. Well who could be better than the experienced ‘Dead Man’!

Over the years we have seen the Undertaker restricted to annual matches, with appearance sonly on WrestleMania due to his injuries and age. The previous WrestleMania we also saw the end of his streak when Brock Lesnar pinned the ‘Dead Man’. Seeing his streak come to an end he has now decided not to enter the ring to fight again. 

Since his loss the Undertaker has been seen making public appearances with his wife and former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. Rumors say that the ‘Dead Man’ will make a comeback in a match against Sting, who has wished to face him.

In an interview Sting expressed this feeling as he stated that a match with Bray Wyatt is something he wants and complimented the character of Bray Wyatt. Although a possibility is that, as it is Sting’s WWE debut, a championship match could also be setup. We don’t know for sure whether the WWE Universe will ever get to see this long anticipated clash of the titans, as there is no hint that Taker is interested in returning to the ring.

The advisory role by Taker is a huge step in the right direction as now the young talent has a legend to take directions from. Even then let’s hope that we see these two wrestling giants together in the ring. 

Source: Sportskeeda , KDrama Stars

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