The Walking Dead and Empire are Twitter’s Top TV Shows

The Walking Dead and Empire are Twitter's Top TV Shows

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  • Empire and Walking Dead are all the Rage on Twitter

The two television shows which have the highest popularity rating on Twitter are Empire and Walking Dead. They also happen to be all the rage on Twitter.

Empire and Walking Dead are very highly rated shows and now they also have quite a following on Twitter. Walking Dead, which is all about zombies and their cannibalistic orgies, has over 1.3 million tweets to show for itself. The entertaining show is accessed by over 7.4 million users.

Empire meanwhile has 2.4 million twitterbugs that follow it and goes out to 5.9 million fans who watch it on a routine basis, according to Nielsen

On the other hand, SNL’s anniversary special had the highest twitter followers. The number clocked in at 9.1 million which is huge indeed. Besides this, Game of Thrones, The Bachelor and American Horror Story were contenders too for having received the most tweets.

But love them or hate them, Empire and Walking Dead are at the top of the list. There are others that cover the top ten list at the lower echelons and they include: Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation, Scandal and Dancing with the Stars.  

Ultimately, the name and fame of these interesting and engrossing TV shows get spread by word of mouth. It is agreed upon that there is some degree of formal advertising involved on television which of course is an astronomically costly method of increasing popularity ratings.

But most of the memes and viral advertising in society takes place on an informal level and occurs from individual to individual. And pretty soon, before you even know it, the entire culture is involved in the new phenomenon.

Empire depicts the rap business in an up close and personal manner. And the Walking Dead shows what happens when human beings turn stale and soulless. Both are topics that pique the curiosity of the ordinary man on the street. 

According to Nielsen, top 10 TV shows on Twitter from 9/1/14 to 5/24/15 are:

  1. The Walking Dead (AMC) 480,000 tweets 4,305,000 audience
  2. The Bachelor (ABC) 156,000 tweets 3,593,000 audience
  3. Game of Thrones (HBO) 107,000 tweets 2,886,000 audience
  4. American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX) 239,000 tweets 2,796,000 audience
  5. Empire (Fox) 627,000 tweets 2,636,000 audience
  6. Scandal (ABC) 282,000 tweets 2,428,000 audience
  7. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) 268,000 tweets 2,387,000 audience
  8. Parks and Recreation (NBC) 89,000 tweets 2,105,000 audience
  9. WWE Monday Night Raw (USA) 183,000 tweets 1,865,000 audience
  10. Dancing With the Stars (ABC) 93,000 tweets 1,843,000 audience

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