The Walking Dead: Season 5 tones it down in the Second Episode

Walking Dead tones it down in the Second Episode

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In episode 2 of The Walking Dead season 5, the team is allowed some breathing space after their near death escape from Terminus and the characters take time to reflect on each other.

After their escape from Terminus and burning it down to the ground and that heartfelt reunion that made all of us cry, the group continues in this episode where they left it off in the last. With a slow motion sequence, we see the group making their way ahead. 

Tara is officially welcomed in the group. Her association with the The Governer is forgiven in light of her helping Carol. Carol and Rick share a moment exchanging watches they had of each other’s. There is still tension between the two but it looks like Rick is looking to forget what was done in the past when she saved them from Terminus. 

Carol gives Tyresse the credit but both; Carol and Tyresse insist on forgetting everything because they had all done something wrong in the past to survive. Daryl and Carol share a soulful moment without words that spoke volumes. Carol refused to speak about what Daryl was trying to get her to say. The mood is fun between the group mates as Bob and Sarah steal kisses and play Find the Good in the Bad, with Bob being the best at. 

As they move on they rescue a trapped Father Gabriel played by Teen Wolf’s Seth Gilliam. Rick, being suspicious, he interrogates the holy man as to his whereabouts and his activities. Gabriel appears to be virtuous and swears that his hands are clean of blood and he has survived all these days on canned food. 

He wins the groups favor as he leads them to a church. Rick in his determination to prove his suspicion about Gabriel searches the church and finds knife markings reading “You’ll burn for this” which Ricks find strange and assumes that Gabriel hid away in the church and let the people around him die. 

Carol also finds a hand written Bible in the church, getting suspicious of what the priest was doing writing the Bible. To assess him, Rick takes the priest along the group to a nearby food bank which is supposedly infested with Walkers. Abraham stays behind to fix a bus that was in the back of the church. 

The ladies find a gun store but there isn’t too much to salvage nor in the food bank which is waterlogged with dead bodies of the Walkers. They manage to scavenge enough food to enjoy a hearty meal after a long time while Abraham gives a sermon about the need of doing what was necessary to survive, addressing Rick especially and calling his attention to Judith. To which, for probably the first time ever, Rick smiles. Monumental!

The group finally reached a unanimous decision about going to D.C. and it looks like the group is united forever only later on in the night Daryl finds Carol boosting a car and trying to get away. They are in an argument about staying and going when a car that took Beth passes them and they follow it. 

Bob on the other hand starts to act strange and after sharing a last kiss, heads into the forest. He is knocked out by none other than a very much living Gareth with others from Terminus. Despite our hopes, the monster lives and they drag and tie up Bob. 

Gareth said that they started to eat humans by choice in order to survive bringing truth to Mary’s statement at Terminus; hunt or be hunted. He chews away on Bob’s leg saying that he tastes better than he thought Bob would. We are left in an anticipation of what will happen and who will survive and who will be lost forever.

Source: Variety , HL

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