Tim McGraw provokes A Storm in a Teacup via Sandy Hook Show

Tim McGraw provokes A Storm in a Teacup via Sandy Hook Show

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Tim McGraw sure provoked a storm in a teacup via his slated show. It was his main message to supporters of gun ownership that caused the trouble.

Tim McGraw proclaimed the fact that he would be including within his summertime tour a stint for Sandy Hook Promise. This organization got formed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings which took place three years ago.

One of the two opening acts on the show, Billy Currington, that is, decided to quit beforehand due to the pressure exerted by guns rights advocates. The whole shebang got started when a lengthy article regarding the fact was printed online from Breitbart.com, a conservative site.

The article argued that what Tim McGraw and Bill Currington were about to do would have grave consequences such as gun control laws being implemented in a wholesale and haphazard manner. Thus people would be deprived of the right to employ a gun for the sheer purpose of self defense.

Sandy Hook Promise on the contrary doesn’t think it is anti-gun ownership in any way. It just seeks to protect young children from gun violence so that no parent has to see what happened in 2012 at the Elementary School. 

Soon enough zealots for the second amendment came to criticize Tim and his two sidekicks, Currington and Bryant. Twitter was aflutter with the controversy. Currington tried to stem the tide in the beginning.

I’ve never been one to take on controversial issues – I’m a singer. I do feel strongly about honoring and supporting the…Posted by Billy Currington on Thursday, April 16, 2015

But he was no match for the put-down and rude comments on the social online media sites. Soon he pulled out of the whole deal. He gave the reason that he was never one to court controversy.

He would be making a small donation to the Sandy Hook Promise organization. He said that he was basically a singer and not a politician. He had full plans to rock the fans alongside Tim and Chase though.

Tim is adamant though and his fiddler on the band, Dean Brown, who was acquaintances with one of the kids’ family in the shooting, is also not backing out of the pact. Tim said that while he was on the side of gun ownership, that didn’t make him a country hick or bumpkin without the manners of how to handle firearms with safety and care.

What happened at Sandy Hooks was not meant to be swept underneath the carpet. Those aggrieved parents who lost their children needed a shoulder to cry on and Tim will be glad to lend his support to their cause. 

Source: RollingStone


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