Tim Tebow and Michael Strahan make it on the 2014 World’s Sexiest Man Live list

Tim Tebow and Michael Strahan make it on the 2014 World’s Sexiest Man Live

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  • Tim is currently a SEC commentator and makes regular public appearances.
  • He was accompanied by fellow ex-player Michael Strahan and both lost to Chris Hemsworth.

Tebow was awed to be on the list and said that he really didn’t make special effort to appear sexy.

It’s that time ladies! The most awaited list of the year is here. The People Magazine’s 2014 World’s Sexiest Man Live list was revealed and this year Chris Hemsworth claimed the number one spot.

His role as a demi-God in Marvel’s Thor show cased the handsome hunk’s wild gold locks and super hot body. Chris lost the title to Adam Levine last year (Adam also made the list this year), but it was Chris’ title this year. Chris joked that he can finally tell his wife Elsa that he had won the title and needn’t be washing the dishes or changing their baby’s diapers anymore. 

Other than Chris, the men that made it on the list by surprise although much deserved, was Michael Strahan and Tim Tebow. Michael is a television host currently and a former gridiron star whereas Tim is a former Jets player.

Tim is an SEC commentator and a philanthropist. He makes regular public appearances and he is very much single. At six feet three inches weighing 224 lbs. Tebow is the dream guy for any girl. Tebow however was flattered. He said that he doesn’t really live through his life trying to look sexy.

He said that he does take care of how he looks and appears. The most important thing for him however has to be how a person is on the inside than the outside. For him the more important thing has to be able to help the children around the world who are suffering. Tebow is very religious as he has already expressed his pure Christian roots on and off the field and continues to do so. 

He told People magazine, he is looking forward to seeing a girl who is as committed to helping people without expectations as he is. He wants a girl who behaves the same when no one’s watching. She must be giving and dedicating. Another profile detail for his lady to be is to guide him with his style.

He admitted he’s bad at putting up things together so he could use all the help he could get. He is still working out the same, he admitted as he was when he was playing. He says that he enjoys keeping in shape and there’s not really any ulterior motive behind it. It just helps him to move and think better. It also helps him to help others. 

Along with being a commentator, Tim also speaks in the Good Morning Show as a person interest story spokesman. He said that he wants to have a legacy when he looks back at his life once he’s 90. His foundation is definitely helping him make one.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is an adoption aid organization that helps build Timmy Playrooms in hospitals worldwide and helps make children’s wishes come true. The foundation’s latest endeavor has been to build a hospital in Phillipines for children. 

Other than Tim Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Oscar nominated Bradley Cooper, Blake Shelton from The Voice, Jaimie Dornan from the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey and Maze Runner star Ki Hong Lee made ot on the list along with Eddie Redmayne from Stephen Hawking Biographic film “The Theory of Everything and White Collar’s Matt Bomer.

Source: People

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