Tomorrow is Halloween & That’s the Way it’s Always Been!

Tomorrow is Halloween & That’s the Way it’s Always Been!

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Halloween is the time when the pagan festival of demons and devils is celebrated all across America. And tomorrow is Halloween & that’s the way it’s always been!

It’s a legitimate question. Throughout the ages since pagan times, has Halloween been celebrated with the same intensity and fervor as it is being enacted today in this day and age? 

Well, when you question your elders about their elders, you discover that though the kids of the past in the United States were a bit more well-behaved than today’s rambunctious romping trick-or-treaters…that fact of the matter is that there is not much of a difference in the spirit with which the festival has been celebrated. 

The carved jack-o-lanterns and the black cats with the witches with their warts, brooms and hats. The chocolates, candy and various foodstuff made to resemble weird things such as a bowl of punch with grapes floating in it that look like eyeballs. And the scary movies and graveyard visits not to mention Stephen King novels read out to children by adults as they cringed in fright. 

All in all, it is a time of delving into the surreal and the dadaistic. Children often conc/9/recipes of all sorts of weird stuff for their witch’s brew assignment. They dress up on Halloween as Dracula, Frankenstein, King Kong, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Yoda, The Mad Scientist and so many other fearsome entities. 

It is a day when they get to bob for apples and shake hands with a dark and devilish creature in the haunted house that is especially made for the occasion. The spiders and cobwebs not to mention ten thousand ghosts in the haunted house scares them completely and raises their adrenaline levels by several notches.  

It is the spirit of the age that is a little different though. Whereas in the olden days, things were a bit subdued thanks to the weight of tradition which didn’t allow even a newborn to budge an inch to the right ot left, nowadays it is a case of anything goes. The wilder and more odder, the better it is considered by your peers. 

And that is where the fun is also doubled though several toes might get stepped on in the process. Heck, it is just the Zeitgeist or temper of the times that is a little off kilter. Otherwise Halloween is as much alive today as it was yesterday or the day before that. 

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