Tony Bannett will Perform with Lady Gaga

Tony Bannett will Perform with Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga will perform with Tony Bannett in /4/and June at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

A special evening was arranged with stars Tony Bannett and Lady Gaga in Los Angeles. This evening will be arranged on February 8th 2015 in Los Angeles. The tickets for this event have already been sold. After the immense popularity of this concert two more concerts have been announced by Live Nation with both these stars. Tony Bannett and Lady Gaga will perform again in two concerts in /4/and June 2015. These concerts are named as “Once in Lifetime” concerts. 

Tony Bannett and Lady Gaga recently worked on their shared album “Cheek To Cheek”. This album belongs to the Jazz genre. Bennett says, “What I really love about being a jazz singer is that jazz artists are very creative, very honest, from phrase to phrase,” and Lady Gaga adds, “We wanted to make something that sounded perfect because of the quality of the emotion…the honesty.”

These days both of them are seen celebrating the success of Cheek To Cheek. The next two concerts that will be organized on /4/30th and June 19th are now the center of attention for many eager fans. Tickets for these two concerts will go on sale by November 3rd. 

Eager fans will see a full orchestra on stage when both stars will perform in that evening. A live jazz orchestra will surely perform and be a sensation for eager fans. Cheek to Cheek instantly became a hit after its release. It was seen that it occupied the #1 position on Billboard just a few days after its release. Tony Bannett, who is 88-years-old, is now regarded as the oldest singer who has his album at the #1 position on Billboard.   

Cheek to Cheek displays great portrayal of Jazz music. Gaga and Bannette have sung duets on this album. This album also has solo songs performed by both stars. All the songs show a perfect chemistry between these two stars. The title song “But Beautiful” and other songs like “I Won’t Dance” all show great collaboration between the two.

This album took more than one year to complete. Although this album took a long time to get completed, the quality is worth waiting for since both stars have performed to their full potential.

“We are thrilled to present this very special show. Individually they are incredible talents, together it is something not to be missed,” said Arthur Fogel, president of global touring and chairman of global music, Live Nation.

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