Too Many Cooks Video Goes Viral

  • Too Many Cooks spoof video becomes the new sensation.
  • Director Chris “Casper” Kelly made the 11:25 minutes long clip as an experiment.

The commercial ran between the Infomercial time slot on Adult Swim network. It was aired on the network at 4 a.m. daily for a week at the end of last month.

Update: There is a Reddit AMA with the creator Casper Kelly of Too Many Cooks. See here to get some background insight.

Adult Swim network is not famous for hosting many shows that are frequently watched by people. The Eric Andre show, Squidbillies, Mile Tyson Mysteries and Black Dynamite are among its running shows. It is a dynamo for the geek minds and is run by the people who thrive by providing entertainment that’s creative. 

The writer/director on the network Chris “Casper” Kelly has been running the Infomercials segment for quiet a while now. The director was on a brain rampage when he came up with the ‘Too Many Cooks’ idea.

Kelly was inspired to create something completely humorous but his idea of humor is not typical. He likes to push the envelope of any comedic piece till it becomes boring and then make it hilarious again. It features an array of actors (mostly extras from Atlantic City) in a typical 80s sitcom style start.

Too Many Cooks Cast

The clip extends to an 11 minutes and 25 second sclip featuring a cop show, a cartoon episode, a superhero flick, a space drama and a slasher psycho killer who kills all the cast. The clip becomes eerily tangled as all the characters are killed all end up getting affected by the jingle of the song titled ‘Too Many Cooks.” Thus the name of the clip and a stuffed character pushes the end button while dying.

Kelly said that when he came up with the idea he shared it with his co-writers for the network. He got the thumbs-up for the idea and they started shooting for the clip. The challenge was to extend it to run for 11 minutes. It /4/seem like a long time but it is actually very hard to fill it with usable content.

They had to get creative with the shooting despite the low budget of the Infomercials. When they were finished with the editing, Mike Lazzo, the creator of the network gave it a full approval. Kelly was amazed by the response and ran it in the 4 a.m. time slot during the Infomercial

Kelly said that the time wasn’t the most favorable. He knew that the regular Adult Swim viewers would be watching and he was glad that they liked it when he got 13 comments on his Twitter by the regulars.

By this morning, he saw that the video had gone viral online. It was on every video related site available online. Kelly said that his Twitter account was overflowing with comments and he was dazed by it all.

He went to Reddit and the commercial was the hottest news there too. It is amazing how a comedic sketch had caught so much attention. The online success is not what Kelly expected but he said that he is spellbound by it all.

Twitter and other sites are also brimming with the comments. People have nothing but good things to say about it. Kelly might have to start thinking about doing this more. 

Sources: EW , RollingStone

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