Tools for Repairing iPhone 5s

Apple always strives hard to facilitate their customers as much as possible. In this regard, they ensure their customers to give them quality in-store repairing of their Apple products. This was very warmly welcomed by the customers as the manufacturer itself has taken the responsibility of repairing their Apple products.

A lot of iPhone users complain that they are misguided in the mobile market about the lack of irreparability of the phone. But, this is not the fact as most of the iPhone issues can be resolved. Apple Inc. use several useful tools for repairing both the hardware and software related problems of the phone. Further, physical damage of most of the types can also be repaired.

Tools to Repair iPhone 5s

Following is a brief description of some of the tools used by the Apple technicians for the repairing of iPhone 5s:

  • Universal Display Removal Fixture – It is a very creative and innovative tool which is introduced by the Apple Inc. The tool is excellent as it gives easy access to the technician to penetrate inside the internal body of the iPhone. The internal components of the iPhone don’t associate to any kind of risk of further damage. Therefore, working with the internal components is not much difficult once the iPhone is opened properly with the help of the tool. The tool consists of 4 suction cups which works in smooth separation of the iPhone display for the external body. After the separation of the screen, the penetration to the internal components is very easy.
  • Removal of Battery – The users of iPhone must know that the battery of iPhone is embedded inside the physical body of the phone and cannot be separated as in the other Smartphones. The battery removal tool was ideally designed to remove battery of the iPhone where necessary. The tool works by pulling off the adhesive strip which is rolled around the battery in order to protect and secure it.
  • Speaker Replacement Tool – It is also a classical tool introduced by Apple to deal with faulty iPhone’s speakers. The speaker replacement is the simplest of all replacements of the iPhone. The technician just needs to open the external body and then unscrew the faulty speaker. The faulty speaker can be checked for the faults and can be used again if repaired or otherwise it can easily get replaced with a new one.
  • Sim Ejector Tool – The iPhone’s sim can’t be directly accessed and require a pin to eject the sim tray outside. It is a delicate tray and can easily get broken with frequent ejecting. The Sim ejector tool is ideally designed to repair broken sim tray.
  • iPhone Battery Fixture Tool – The tool helps in inserting or removing the body by taking care of the protective adhesive strip around the battery.

The iPhone has a range of different tools which can repair iPhones with different kinds of damages. Damages of all kinds can be repaired except the screen damage. The only solution of screen damage is the replacement of the broken screen with the new one.  All the tools discussed above are owned by Apple Inc. and are only used by technicians in the Apple store.

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