Top 5 Flappy Bird Remakes

Top 5 Flappy Bird Remakes

The original “Flappy Bird” game from GEARS Studio was a huge hit on iOS devices around the world. Sadly, its creator took the game off of the Apple Store entirely.

The demand for this addicting game is still going strong, however, as evidenced by the hundreds of remakes of the popular game. But which versions are the best? It would be too troublesome to download and try each and every one. Luckily, others have done it for you! Here are our top five picks.

  1. “Flappy The City Flyer” by Markku Virtanen – Flappy Bird goes to the city in this remake. The graphics are completely different, but the gameplay stays faithful to the original. The biggest downside to this particular game is the annoying pop-up advertisements within the app. Every free version of Flappy remakes has ads, but they are typically reserved for the bottom of the screen after a round. The latest version allegedly reduces the number of pop-ups but until the creator realizes the error of his ways, the pop-up style ads bring the overall quality of the game down.
  2. “The Impossible Flappy Game” by Kfir Schindelhaim – The title of this game does not actually refer to the difficulty level in comparison to other Flappy games, but rather the inevitability of your failure inherent to the game. You will never “beat” this game, nor any of the Flappy remakes. That being said, this remake actually seems to be a bit easier than the original, not requiring as much tapping to keep the bird up.
  3. “Splashy Fish” by redBit Games – While not actually featuring a bird flapping its wings, this remake stars a little fish navigating the pipe obstacles with similar style graphics as the original and classic 8-bit sounds. This game even features an “extreme” mode that is even more difficult!
  4. “Flappy Wings” by Green Chili Games UG – HATS! The latest release of this “Flappy Bird” remake features different hats you can use to customize your little flyer. You purchase the hats with coins you collect during gameplay. This remake has graphics very similar to the original and is a popular alternative for many players.
  5. “Flappy Party Revenge” by Infinidy Corp – Multiple versions of other remakes are all crammed into one fantastic app. You can change the style of the graphics for each game play. Do you want to have a Justin Bieber head instead of a bird? How about in space? Would you prefer Miley Cyrus’s head? The choice is yours in this fun app. As if “Flappy Bird” wasn’t addictive enough, Infinidy Corp makes it even more difficult to put this game down with unlockable designs to keep you interested. The music that accompanies the game is hilarious and makes it almost essential to play with your sound turned on.

There are a plethora of “Flappy Bird” remakes to choose from. If these five do not strike your fancy, you are sure to be able to find one that does. Good luck and have fun!

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