Top 7 Apps that make your Smartphone a Better Camera

Top 7 Apps that make your Smartphone a Better Camera

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Cameras on smartphones are increasingly being improved to meet customer demands of better quality pictures in order to document everything they need and want to. In lieu to this, apps have also surfaced that provide features and effects not available on any regular camera app.

Some of these camera apps have even proven so impressive that they have replaced the original built in smartphone app as the norm in picture taking.


  • Camera Zoom FX – this app is available for Android users at $2.99 and is deemed as the most feature filled camera application with choices of effects and coloring as well as a timer, time lapse pictures and video, a voice activated camera, and a collage maker all in one. This app even offers a feature that lets the user crop in celebrities to their pictures. This app has been largely compared to the also much known Camera360 which has slightly fewer features and functionality but is available for free and is not exclusive to Android.
  • Little Photo – if simple usage and editing is what you want then this is the camera app for you. All you need to do is open the app, click once to take a picture, and click the picture again to bring out a list of editing options. Little Photo is free but if you want additional features and effects you will need to make an in app purchase at $3.85.
  • Pudding Camera – this camera application has a mix and match customizable option before you take pictures, you can choose from different film types that offer different effects. It offers high quality pictures with its high resolution at 1,280 pixels. Pudding Camera is completely free and has been compared to Cymera, another known camera app which offers 1,024 pixels but is connected only to the Korean network.
  • BeFunky Photo Editor – this is a standard photo editor with an upgrade for $3.99, but unlike other camera apps with in app purchases, the free version on its own already has a multitude of choices of effects. 
  • PicSay pro – this paid camera app at $3.99 has loads of effects and features paired with very simple usage. It has a thumbnail option where you can choose what you want to do and isn’t one of those common camera apps where the edited picture needs to be deleted after one mistake. This app has a preview option before the image is saved.
  • AfterFocus– AfterFocus is a Camera app more about focus and bringing the centerpiece of a picture into full view by editing backgrounds which can include re-coloring or blurring all with simple usage and navigation. 
  • Paper Camera – Paper Camera is a really fun app that can turn pictures into all different things from pencil drawings, paintings, or even cartoons. 



Most people, if not all people with a smartphone will already have an app similar to these on their smartphones, whether it might be purely for picture taking, editing, or for frames and collages. These options are the proven best and if you are in the market for an all in one app or for different features, this choice might just have what you are looking for. 

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