Toshiba Canvio Home Back Up & Share Lets You Access Files Anywhere You Can Get Online

Toshiba Canvio Home Back Up & Share Lets You Access Files Anywhere You Can Get Online


Backup solution gives access to files from anywhere and supports video streaming

Toshiba has rolled out its latest external storage product called the Canvio Home Backup & Share. The external storage solution is designed to connect directly to a network and allow all your computers, smartphones, and tablets to backup and access files in one place. The backup solution is available in two versions.

The only difference between the versions available is the storage capacity. Toshiba offers 2TB and 3TB versions of the drive.

“Imagine having access to all your important digital assets—around your home, around the world, or through your portable devices, and you’ll know what it’s like with the new Canvio Home, an easier, safer way to backup, share, stream, and store your files and multimedia,” said Maciek Brzeski, vice president of product marketing and development, Branded Storage Products, Toshiba Digital Products Division. “It is so much more than just a box to drop your files in. This is safe, private storage that you can share.”

The storage solution comes with easy to use software that makes it easy to store all your files locally in one place. The files can be accessed from anywhere on earth with a web connection. The device also allows you to stream video and audio filed around the home to connected devices. The Canvio Home Backup & Share supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The 2TB version is available now for $199.99 with the 3TB version selling for $259.99.

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