Toyota To Texas As Automaker Moves Sales HQ From California

Toyota to Texas as automaker moves sales HQ from California


Toyota move will take several years to complete

The state of California is set to lose a lot of jobs as automaker Toyota prepares to move its national HQ from the state to Plano, Texas. Toyota is making a massive campus north of Dallas, Texas that will see 5000 workers in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and corporate operations sharing space reports USA Today.

Toyota Financial, the financing arm of the company will also be housed at the location. Toyota has its global HQ in Japan. Most of the workers that will be affected by the change are working on a campus in Torrance, California. Toyota will mark the third of the major automakers to vacate California and move to different states. Nissan moved to Tennessee, Honda move to Ohio, and now Toyota is heading to Texas.

Toyota already makes its large Tundra trucks in Texas at a facility in San Antonio. It’s unclear how exactly the people working at the facility in California will be handled. Talks with affected workers are said to be happening today.

Presumably, many of those workers will be asked to move with the facility to Texas, but that is unknown. The move from California to Texas is expected to take several years to complete. Toyota has said that those who move from California to Texas will be offered relocation packages and financial assistance. However, it goes there will certainly be jobs for Texas in the deal as Toyota will need to hire new workers.

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