The Silly Criticism surronding Trevor Noah

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  • The Silly Criticism surronding Trevor Noah

Comedian Trevor Noah has come under fire for some of his jokes on twitter after being announced as Jon Stewart’s successor on ‘The Daily Show’

After being announced as the successor of Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily ShowNoah was subjected to the absolute examination and analysis by internet users. Noah will be taking over the reins from Jon Stewart later this year.

Some potential viewers went through the entire twitter feed of Trevor Noah on his official account and found some posts which they thought were offensive to women and especially Jews. The South African comedian has had a twitter account since 2009 has a following of over 2 million users. Noah frequently tweets irrelevant statements and some /4/even test the boundaries is culture, politics and race. 

In one tweet from 2011, Noah wrote over the weekend people will get drunk and think he is sexy, and added especially fat girls will think so.  Similarly in another tweet from 2014 Noah wrotewhen a woman is in love she becomes 10 times her usual self as she gets fat.

Noah also posted some jokes about Jews and Israel saying in one tweet he felt bad about having nearly run down a Jewish kids in his German car.  Similarly Noah compared the recycling problem of South Africa to the peace negotiations of Israel, as both are non-existent. 

Jamie Weinstein a senior editor at The Daily Caller has especially reacted to Noah’s tweets and wrote Noah thinks Israel is an ‘inherently belligerent country’. Weinstein further continued his assault saying Noah is particularly dangerous for ‘The Daily Show’ audience as people watch it to get news and Noah’s attitude is not favourable. 

Comedy Central on the other hand openly supported Noah and issued a statement on Tuesday calling Noah a comedian who like many comedians pushes boundaries and spares no one when it comes to jokes even himself. To judge Noah on the basis of a few old tweets meant to be a joke would be unfair and Noah has a promising future at Comedy Central. 

On Tuesday Noah also responded to the criticism on Twitter saying even the social media platform of Twitter does not have enough characters to respond to all the characters present on Twitter. The tweet was deleted later by Noah himself but it makes one wonder why people took such offence to a few jokes by an African/ American comedian when the nation lauds itself on its Freedom of Speech movement. 

Aasif Mandvi also came to the support of Trevor Noah and said the whole criticism surrounding Noah is equal to the popular Shakespearean phrase ‘much ado about nothing’ which generally means uproar on nothing of substance. Mandvi further stated Noah is a comedian and he was just trying to be funny.


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