Trisha Yearwood and Phillip Phillips will sing at World Series

Trisha Yearwood and Phillip Phillips to perform at World Series

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  • The two singers will be performing at the World Series.
  • Trisha Yearwood is famous for her number “How Do I Live without You”.
  • Phillips Phillips is an American Idol winner.


Trisha Yearwood and Phillip Phillips will be warbling National Songs for major upcoming event of World Series.

There is a lot in store for aficionados of country music. The World Series is going to be held in Kansas City which is a major turf of country music. And Trisha Yearwood will sing the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner” before the commencement of game one. Phillip Phillips will sing the selfsame anthem prior to game two. 

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, a band called Little Big Town will bring in the high notes before game three. As for game four, the inimitable Carlos Santana of “Maria, Maria” fame will lend his instrumental skills before its ensuing. 

Yearwood is the wife of Garth Brooks. And although introducing a country singer into the mix might upset many with different taste in music, that is the way the wind blows…for now at least! There were many people who had voted for Joyce DiDonato in Kansas. 

Most Kansas City listeners have a different choice in music than plain old country with its southern twang vocals and guitar riffs. The sort of jive they perk up their ears for include the likes of Usher, Aaliyah and Jagged Edge. 

Meanwhile, the Giants and the Royals will be facing off against one another soon. And though the range of musical talent chosen for the World Series is limited, it is still not bad when you see that some of the bands and individuals who sing songs nowadays don’t produce much else other than pure unadulterated noise that jars the senses. 

Such music which should not be called music can only give you earworms and lead to partial deafness. Where have all the Phil Collins’ and Jimi Hendrix’s gone. It’s common knowledge that the songs of yesteryear were not as nihilistic and noisome as the kind you find in today’s chaotic environment. 

Source: Kansascity

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