Turkish Citizens Circumvented Twitter Ban via Google DNS

Turkish Citizens Circumvented Twitter Ban via Google DNS

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A ban on the social networking site, Twitter by the Turkish prime minister was a big fiasco. It ultimately proved to be counterproductive since access was still possible via Google DNS and the allegations against him spread like wildfire.

Turkish citizens easily circumvented the government’s ban on Twitter. They are still accessing twitter using Google DNS. The prime minister had been outraged when a video, showing him telling his son to dispose of large amounts of cash in case the police showed up, was aired on the website. 

He vowed to ban the site from Turkey’s cyberspace. But as he was to learn the hard way, this is not such an easy thing to do. There were many ways of using loopholes in the Internet protocol to gain easy access to Twitter. 

And besides, the rumors and smear campaign gained an even more fiery level of urgency once the ban was set in place. The prime minister got more than he had bargained for. The corruption scandal literally went viral. And with elections coming up, it appears to be the case that the prime minister is in deep trouble. 

YouTube was the source of the surreptitious video that shook all of Turkey. The prime minister denied any involvement and said that the portrayal of him engaged in financial fraud and hanky-panky was misleading. But what you see clearly before your eyes is something which you have to simply believe. 

You cannot deny your senses, can you?! The opposition party is having a field day with this latest corruption scandal that is a stumbling block for the prime minister. He as usual is playing it cool and pretending that nothing is wrong.

The ban was enforced in a highly repressive manner and the prime minister has said that the Turkish government will show the world what it is capable of. Such foolish dictatorial words seem unsuited to today’s world where freedom is a fast approaching goal for citizens of the global village. 

Source: TheVerge

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