Twitter updates User Safety Features to stop Abuse

Twitter updates User Safety Features to stop Abuse

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Twitter announces new user safety features and also tripled the size of its abuse handling team.

Twitter has decided to come out with new user safety features. They announced some product updates a couple of months ago that were aimed to improve user safety. Now Twitter will tell the users how they are going to improve their system for user safety for the future.

Twitter recently allowed users to report them if anyone was harassing them. In case the other user was harassing the person, then their account would be seized. If the other person was impersonating you or even self-harming then Twitter will seize their accounts.

These are the some of the changes that Twitter identified and now they have integrated the new features into their application. Now these now features will start to roll out to users and you will receive the updates in the upcoming weeks.

Twitter also announced that they have changed their product over the last 6 months and now they have also changed the method in which they will review if a user reports about abuse. Twitter also made significant changes to their tools and processes.

A lot of new staff has been brought in which means that Twitter has been doing behind the scenes work. Now Twitter will be reviewing five times more user reports than what they were reviewing previously. Plus Twitter also announced that in order to cater the abuse reports, they have tripled their support team.

They are also now claiming that with the increased number of tools and people, they will be able to handle abuse with great efficiency. So now with this new system in place, they are also claiming that they have reduced the average response time to a fraction of what it was before.

Twitter also announced that they will be adding new enforcement actions for users that don’t follow the rules. These new rules will only be visible to people that don’t follow the rules given by Twitter. So Twitter will be discouraging behavior that is going against their policies. Twitter says that its user safety is very important to them and they will continue to work hard on it.

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