Two Neil Youngs sing “Old Man” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Two Neil Youngs sing "Old Man" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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Fallon duplicates Neil Young who introduced Pono that can raise the bar of music so music lovers can actually feel the music!

Last night on The Tonight Show there was not one but two Neil Young’s. Jimmy Fallon decided to accompany Neil Young on the stage by impersonating as his clone. Fallon and Young seemingly unrecognisable on first glimpse sang a duet of the song ‘Old Man’.

Dressed in a cowboy hats and jackets the duo gave a chilling performance of the old school song. As the lights came on Jimmy Fallon dressed as Neil Young was singing the opening lyrics but the next stanza was taken up by Neil Young himself as the spotlight centred on him.

Not many people can impersonate a musician, especially with a voice and vocal range such as Neil young but Fallon was nothing less than remarkable. Neil young then went on to discuss his newly released music service called Pono. 

Young is determined to give the music fans a better listening experience. Pono is a high end music player, an alternative to the iPod and it can play high quality master copies of songs. The song quality is so high that even the breathing of singers can be heard on the records.

During an interview with The Frame radio when asked what motivated Neil Young to come up with such a device, he answered the satisfaction of what the product sounded like when it reached consumers.

Young believes MP3’s are a compromise with music and just because people have become accustomed to iPods is not reason enough to halt change. Young further described the difference between the iPod and the Pono, imparting that there are sounds in a song that can be heard in Pono but not on the iPod. 

According to Young music was compromised because people became impressed with the convenience of smart phone and music devices.  The iPod is a pioneer device but it was not envisioned by Steve Jobs that the MP3 would be a ‘Standard’ for music but according to Young it is the ‘Low’ bar for music. He went on to explain that people should listen to music anyway they want and now they will have freedom of choice for listening to music. 

The word ‘Pono’ itself is Hawaiian and means the One, Righteous and the Essence. Young further explained that Pono is a high resolution digital player that creates the best digital sound. Whatever level the artist created Pono will play back and playback anything anybody ever made.

Pono can even play CD quality but iPods cannot play the CD quality. Pono sells the master files. Right now 2 million Pono are being sold and music loving consumers can actually enjoy music the way it was made through Pono. 

The reason Neil Young went to Kickstarter for the development of Pono was because big venture capitalist did not have the vision and no interest in rescuing an art form. Pono could be the largest opportunity for music in the history of recorded sound rather than compromise and put lowly sounds in our ears. Pono is not about instant gratification and people just have to listen to Pono to take it to the next level.


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