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Ty Herndon is a Gay

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Country Singer Ty Herndon revealed that he is a proud and happy gay man.

Ty Hendon has been doing his work as a country singer from the past two decades. It is the time he finally decided to tell his fans the ultimate truth about his own self. He came out as Gay in an interview with People.

He said that he is very happy in his current relationship. He further added that he loved his partner and his partner also loved him a lot. He said that he had been in a successful relation with his boyfriend for a long time. 

He discussed everything about his life in that interview. Starting from his coming out when he was just a teen to his two marriages and divorces. He shared everything on screen.

He also spoke about his drug problem in the past. He was married twice previously and both marriages ended in divorce. He shared that both of his wives knew about his sexual orientation and had no objection to it. 

He also said that he did not come out earlier as he was building up his career in past. If he would have come out earlier it might have disrupted his career. However, now he was pretty confident about himself and wanted his fans to know about his real self. He further said that it was the biggest lie of all time that he couldn’t be Gay.

He shared with ET that he was excited to be in a relationship with his boyfriend from the past five years. He hoped that his relationship would go on a next level. He said that he might be waiting for a proposal as well. He also added that his boyfriend might propose him after seeing this interview. He said that he would want to have children and want to get married as well. 

He also supplied that country music was not a big supporter of LGBT in past. However the time has changed and there are many people who are actively working for LGBT rights in this industry as well.

The 52-years-old singer said that it was the right time for him to reveal the truth about himself. He said that he did not want to hold the truth any more nor he was capable of handling the pain of this untold truth about himself.

He said that his mother knew that he was gay even before he was sure of himself. He said that his family saw him struggle for his music and sexual orientation all his life. He further said that he had done many mistakes in his life and was sorry for them.

He said that he had hurt many people due to his drug addiction and sexuality for which he was extremely sorry. He concluded by saying that he would be getting a great sleep from now on as he has finally told the truth. He said that now he could really be his own self without any fear.  

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