UK PM David Cameron to ban WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat

UK PM David Cameron to ban WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat

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Many encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat could be blocked if David Cameron wins next elections. British Prime Minister wants to ban all the encrypted messaging services in accordance with the security plan he started in the wake of the Paris shootings.

David Cameron /4/block WhatsApp nd Snapchat if he wins the re-election efforts. At least he has this on his agenda. The recent Paris shootings prompted David to go ahead with some pretty tough surveillance stances. And it is not that he is posing just to win some lousy votes. No, the man is dead serious.

He has full plans to ban all apps that have encryption codes in them that bamboozle the government agencies. This is being done in a bid to put an end to the nefarious designs of terrorists and terrorist organizations.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said, “In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which […] we cannot read?”

The Prime Minister said that all such sites that have cryptographic messages were going to be cancelled from cyberspace. This unfortunately includes such harmless domains as WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Among some of the other applications /4/be included iMessage and FaceTime. David said that in a country like Britain where the democratic spirit was alive and well, such secret clandestine messages that could not be clearly decoded by the government were bound to come in for some serious inquiry. After all, there were limits to tolerance.

The moment an entity, be it a human being or agency, became a source of injury to self or society, it was automatically to come under suspicion. It was an open world and there was no place for secrets that /4/damage the fabric of the populace. All phone convos and emails ought to be transparent.

Anything that served as a source of unnecessary mystery and surreptitious secrets was to be put under the heading of suspect material. It was an age of terror and fear that the global village was undergoing and so one could never be too careful.

However, companies such as WhatsApp have still not changed their policies. They want to keep things encrypted as usual. This /4/prove deleterious and damaging in the long run but that is the way it is.

As for the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, he has categorically denied cutting any slack to Net agencies that use encryption. He says to hell with all civil liberties. Where the problem happens to be a genocidal wave of hate crimes in the name of religion by fanatics and fundamentalists, the only solution was to keep stringent checks and balances on the forces that be.

“You have got to have a very tough security solution, to be absolutely determined to monitor these people, know where they are, know who they’re talking to,” Mr Johnson told Sky News. “I’m not particularly interested in this civil liberties stuff when it comes to these people’s emails and mobile phone conversations. If they are a threat to our society then I want them properly listened to.

He furthermore said that the sort of terrorists who got lured into committing such acts as occurred in Paris recently were suspect to the brainwashing tactics of fringe groups with their ideologies of blind hatred.

“We are concerned at the increasingly frequent use of the Internet to fuel hatred and violence and signal our determination to ensure that the Internet is not abused to this end, while safeguarding that it remains, in scrupulous observance of fundamental freedoms, a forum for free expression, in full respect of the law,“ European Union said in a joint statement.

“We look forward to continue our cooperation with all actors of our civil societies to prevent and detect radicalization in an early stage. We should foster dialogue and not allow terrorists to be successful in sowing hatred, fear and division in our societies.“

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