Universe is Expanding But Not So Fast

Universe is Expanding Slower than Expected

Credit: NASA/Swift/P. Brown, TAMU
  • Is the Universe Expanding at a Faster and Faster Rate?

To the question that is the universe expanding at a faster and faster rate, the correct answer /4/have been reached thanks to the latest research and gathered data.

Scientists have since eons held that the universe or rather multiverse as we know it has been accelerating at a rapid pace since the big bang. But now it seems that such a hypothesis is flawed. Or at least the latest evidence points out a different picture and altogether changed scenario of the cosmos.

The supernovae that were being used via radio telescopes as a gauge to determine the expansion rate of the universal space that surrounds us have just been discovered to comprise various types and sub-genres. Their diversity is mind boggling so to say.

Researchers from the University of Arizona have set the astronomical questions on their heads with their new and radical approach of inquiry. It seems the speed is not as fast as was supposed.

If the very supernovae resemble light bulbs in a store, they vary from a few watts to 100 watts in output capacity. So that rearranges the data banks of astronomers albeit in a  temporary manner. 

Credit: NASA/Swift/P. Brown, TAMU

The basic thing that the team of fact finders chanced upon was that the conditions were vastly different at the beginning of the universe than they are now. And as for the future, it is an unknown entity altogether.

The various populations of supernovae differ in a million different ways. That dark energy exerts a force on the universe thus pulling it in all directions like an expanding balloon is now being challenged.

Previous data suggested that the supernovae farther away were fainter thus they must be accelerating at a faster and faster rate. But new evidence says that these two are actually different types of supernovae as the shift between the red and blue spectrum demonstrated.

Image: NASA/Swift

While all the supernovae are in the same boat, they have ten thousand differences between them thus upsetting the cosmologist’s simplistic models. Thus now we finally know that it is not so that the universe is accelerating away from itself at a rapidly quick rate.

This knowledge in other words is old hat. Rather the picture of the expanding universe is more complex than thought of in the past. Nature is thus always one step ahead of man who is left making excuses and rationalizations.    


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