Use these Gadgets to stay ahead of the Weather

Use these Gadgets to stay ahead of the Weather

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Technology will provide us with gadgets that will be useful for us to stay well ahead of the weather.

We all see the world around us today and everything is being changed or reinvented by technology. In today’s world of technology we have been provided with everything that makes our life easier. Everything from garments to infrastructure and even accessories, technology has shown us new ways to empower our lives. Now with the changing times we need to know about weather and for this reason we are going to tell you about some gadgets which are worth buying as the Black Friday approaches. 

These days’ wearable technology or gadgets are coming into the limelight. Companies have started to compete in this new area as well. The smart watch field is one such field where we see Moto 360, Samsung Galaxy Gear 5 and Sony smart watch 3. Plus in 2015 we are also going to experience Apple’s smart watch because if all these are in the smart watch market how can Apple stay behind. Other such wearable gadgets include fitness wristbands, such as Fitbits and computerized glasses which includes Google Glass. Even smart hats, smart socks and shirts are also being developed.

Today weather information is one of the most essential forms of mobile content and that is why nearly all mobile devices have weather applications preinstalled in them. Weather companies such as AccuWeather are partnering with mobile companies to provide relevant, timely and accurate weather information to people. The senior director of Digital Media Product at AccuWeather stated that watches help to provide important information easily and that the company is learning what kind of information people want as it is important that you present people the right information at the correct time.  

Technology has even changed the garden sprinkler systems, as many companies are now developing smart sprinkler systems that automate watering schedule based on the weather forecast and help conserve valuable water. Recently a California based ETWater partnered with AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions in order to use AccuWeather’s weather data for its new gadget which is a smart irrigation and planting system. This new system will help people to save water and money as this device will minimize wasteful water usage. 

Another surprising gadget is being developed in Nanjing, China which is a prototype for an ‘Air Umbrella’. The umbrella will use airflow as an invisible shield from the rain, cool isn’t it? The device will incorporate a lithium-ion battery that will power a motor which in turn powers the device’s jet airflow. The project received huge public support and collected $100,000 compared to its demand of $10,000.

The umbrella is said to cover 3 feet in diameter and the length varies with the velocity of the rain. The umbrella comes in three sizes, size A, a mini version, size B, the standard size and size C, a scalable version. If all the improvements that are currently under consideration complete smoothly the developing team hopes that the umbrella will be out in markets by September 2015. 

So it seems that technology is going to provide us with all the daily use items we need in much advanced ways. 

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