Vanilla Ice released on Bail, says Arrest is a ‘Misunderstanding’

Vanilla Ice released on Bail, says Arrest is a 'Misunderstanding'

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  • Vanilla Ice arrested on Burglary Charges and released on Bail.

The erstwhile famous rapper, Vanilla Ice was arrested on burglary charges recently. And he was released on bail later on.

Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice was a very famous white rapper once upon a time. Then the situation got flipped on its head. He faced some setbacks and decided to rest on his laurels. Recently, he got into trouble yet again when he was caught burglarizing a home.

The venue was Lantana, Florida and he supposedly committed the crime between December of last year and February of the present. The residential address where he was guilty of foul play was 100 Block off North Atlantic Drive.

Among the items that got stolen /4/be included: plenty of furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and several other objects. The house was being closed down when the burglary occurred. The detectives say that Vanilla Ice had been part of the plot to burglarize the residence.

The reason was that he was refurbishing a home close-by. Thus the opportunity seemed an ideal one for him to apply his theft skills to with deftness. The theory proved to be a fact to police when several items stolen from the home turned up in a raid at Vanilla Ice’s place. Now the police were sure that he was the criminal responsible for the misdemeanor. 

Vanilla Ice gave his a statement on oath to the police. He was arrested and charged with the offence. As a famous rap artist of the 90s, Vanilla Ice is especially known for his #1 hit “Ice Ice Baby”. He had a reality TV show bearing his name too.

One of his fellow actors on the set said that while Vanilla Ice was known for his offbeat behavior, he had never suspected he would resort to such stupid antics. The man had everything money could buy so why would he need to steal in the first place? Of course, one never knows the internal workings of the human mind which could be capable of any sort of unpredictable behavior.

Meanwhile, the latest news has it that Vanilla Ice has been bailed out of his miserable condition behind bars. His bail amount was $6,000. He issued a statement to the effect that maybe it had been overblown by the media. After his release on Wednesday night, Ice told WPTV that his arrest was a “misunderstanding”

He requested his fans and well-wishers to  remember his angelic side. When he was asked by ABC affiliate WPBF whether this was a part of his reality TV show, he said he wished it was that simple but actually he had had a bad run-in with the law. Vanilla Ice admitted that It was good to be a free man again though.   


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