Vegetarian T-Rex Dinosaur discovered by Young Boy

Vegetarian T-Rex Dinosaur discovered by Young Boy

Credit: Gabriel Lío
  • A Vegetarian T-Rex Was Found Who Is Of The Size Of A Turkey

T-Rex’s cousin was found by a 7-year-old boy who is of the size of a turkey and would only eat vegetables.

A boy found out a vegetarian T-Rex. This specie has been named as Chilesaurus diegosuarezi after the boy who made the discovery. This dinosaur was very small in size and it is believed he was the size of a turkey. This dinosaur roamed around in South America 145 million years ago.

A seven year old boy discovered this dinosaur when he was playing with his sister. Some believe this dinosaur is T-Rex’s relative. But unlike T-Rex this dinosaur didn’t prefer the flesh of other animals instead it ate vegetables.

This new specie is being called a platypus dinosaur because it has some features that are similar to a platypus. Features like small arms, long neck, small head and leaf shaped teeth. This dinosaur had hands with just two fingers.

T-Rex also had short arms and had two fingers. The Chilesaurus grew up to be as tall as ten feet long and it was also the member of the theropods. This class included the likes of Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus.

This dinosaur was named after the country where it was collected as well as it honored Diego Suarez. The boy discovered the bones in rocks deposited at the end of the dinosaur period. He found it in Toqui Formation in the Chilean Andes.

Diego Suarez’s parents are geologists their names are Manuel Suarez and Rita de la Cruz. His parents were studying rocks in the Patagonian region when their boy stumbled across the fossils. Diego and his sister were looking for decorative stones.

The creature was really strange and at the time it was thought that Diego uncovered several species. Since the discovery, several Chilesaurus specimen have been dug. Four complete skeletons were recovered.

Some of the skeletons are of the size of turkey but some isolated bones reveal that the Chilesaurus grew up to almost ten feet long. This dinosaur had robust forelimbs just like Jurassic theropods. It didn’t have sharp claws like that of a Velociraptor.

Source: Nature via Telegraph & Discovery


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