Verizon Internet will relax 4G LTE for Elite Consumers

Verizon Internet will relax 4G LTE for Elite Consumers

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Verizon Internet will be relaxing its 4G LTE for the 5% elite consumers beginning from October.

About three years back, Verizon Internet began a network rectification plan for hindering the speeds of the topmost users of its services. Mind you, we are talking about 3G info consumers here. 

This included those who subscribed to open data plans and comprised a minimal 5% of the total capacity of individuals on board the enterprise. 

Although a large number have shifted onto a step-by-step scheme, a huge amount of people still remain stuck in unlimited plans even after their existence has been put in doubt. 

Starting from the 1st of October, Verizon will be imposing restrictions on the 5% cream of the crop of the 4G LTE crowd. The net speeds of these 5% will be slowed down in order to make the speeds for the rest of the 95% faster. 

If they shift to a different site or lay off the surfing for a while, they too can enjoy the same speedy connectivity. Among the glitches these 5% could face are: video buffering, gaming delays and browsing complications. 

Verizon issued a statement acknowledging that most of their consumers were hooked on smart phones and tablets. And since the good of the group prevailed on a universal basis on planet earth hence this step was being taken. 

It would ensure that all were treated equally instead of lending favors to a select few. There are choices before consumers if they don’t want their network speeds to be affected. 

There are furthermore a number of devices and policies that /4/be of help. They include: My Verizon and My Verizon mobile facilities, an info employment calculator, #DATA dialing and finally last but not least various email and text message warnings. 



Starting from August 1st, Verizon will send a similar message to all its consumers explaining this change in policy for the benefit of all those concerned. Verizon likes to be fair and in meting out justice you do not favor elites at the expense of the majority. And majority is authority!

Source: Forbes

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