Victor Cruz of the New York Giants suffers Severe Knee Injury

Victor Cruz of the New York Giants suffers Severe Knee Injury

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The receiver of the New York Giants, Victor Cruz, suffered a severe knee injury and was crying with pain as he left the field.

A torn patellar tendon cut short Victor Cruz’s journey as a first rate player. He fell and was carried off the playing arena. The man was clearly in a lot of pain as he vacated the field to others. 

In fact, he was weeping tears of anguish and frustration as he was transported to the nearest medical facility for recuperation. The New York Giants meanwhile suffered heavy losses to The Philadelphia Eagles. 

It was during half-time that an attempt has been made by the team to wrest control of the game from the opponents. Cruz ran and Eli Manning made a pass that went straight in his direction. 

However, the moment Cruz reached for the ball, his right knee seemed to bend in an unnatural manner and there was a cracking sound. Victor Cruz almost tried to hold his injured part while in the midst of his actions on the field.  

He fell to the ground and began writhing and crying out in excruciating pain. The players from either side gathered around him and tried to comfort him. Then a cart was brought and he was hauled off the grass field. 

This severe injury has caused the baton to be passed to Odell Beckham Jr. However, the fact of the matter is that some of the other players such as Preston Parker or Julian Talley will be in demand. 

The whole balance of the team has been upset due to Victor’s tragic injury. This is the second time around that a major player has been hurt so badly that crucial substitutions have had to be made. 

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the previous player who had to be relieved of duty for awhile due to serious back issues. The Cowboys cornerback too suffered an injury similar in nature to Victor Cruz’s some time ago. 

While mental work engenders such diseases as eye strain and insomnia not to mention headaches, physical work too has its muscular and bone-related mishaps. There is simply no escaping the fault lines of overwork no matter what the nature of the vocation /4/be.  

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