Vin Diesel becomes Emotional when he remembers Paul Walker

Vin Diesel becomes Emotional when he remembers Paul Walker

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Throughout shooting Furious 7 Paul Walker has been on Diesel’s mind as he misses him on set.

Recently in an interview with Variety, Diesel explains how he thought he would die while performing a stunt and so he walked to Paul’s trailer to tell him that if he dies, Paul should let everyone know that he has been a brother to him. Paul then hugged Diesel and the two men parted. With tears in his eyes Diesel revealed that this was the last time he ever saw Paul. 

Just a few days later on November 30th Paul Walker died in a road accident in Valencia, California. The whole world mourned Paul’s death and there was a four month break in the production of ‘Furious 7’ as the team had to find a new ending.

Finally the ‘Furious 7’ is complete and will be releasing on April 3rd. the vice chairman of NBC Universal, Ron Meyer stated that the studio would never had made the film if they thought they couldn’t do justice to Paul.

It was Ron who had himself convinced Diesel to stay on board after Paul’s death. In his recent interview Diesel also explained that he was afraid that he couldn’t play the character of Dom with a broken heart. Diesel stated that he thought that Paul would want him to finish the movie and that is why he stayed on. 

Diesel in the interview also admitted that in the past year he has cried more than in his entire life. He stated that when he posts a picture on Facebook, he is just bawling reading the comments. He also explained that Paul’s death did not just affect him personally but also changed him as an actor.

Diesel also revealed that on his first day at the ‘Furious 7’ set he had to shoot a race scene in his 1970 Dodge Charger but he just couldn’t do it as he missed Paul and just kept on crying.

He stated that he felt very bad and embarrassed as he was failing. He explained that he had to walk off the set. Diesel also stated that the ‘Furious 7’ is the toughest film he has ever shot as he couldn’t control his emotions. 

Apart from his lead character in the movie, Vin Diesel also plays other important roles in the making of the movie. Diesel explained that he is not the writer but the visionary of the Fast and Furious franchise. Universal studios relies on Diesel’s input such as help in providing the structure of the stories and offer his input on the casting and even selecting songs for the soundtrack. 

According to Diesel’s sister Samantha Vincent who has also executive produced the last four of the ‘Fast’ movies stated that Paul was one of the only people who understood Diesel and she thinks that Diesel would never be able to get over Paul’s death. The sixth film of the franchise had bagged $800 million let’s see how big is the opening of the ‘Furious 7’!


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