Vince Vaughn Supports Having Guns in School and Public

Vince Vaughn Supports Having Guns in School and Public

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  • True Detective actor Vince Vaughn speaks regarding Guns in Schools, Edward Snowden and Comedy

The tall, dark and handsome actor, Vince Vaughn spoke regarding guns in schools and other topics of interest.

Among some of the issues that got discussed with Vince Vaughn were that: guns don’t kill people but hands do, Edward Snowden and the fine art of spycraft not to mention comic relief and the sound of laughter. Vince calls a spade a spade.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, he spoke the truth and only the truth regarding many of the riddles of modern-day existence.  

Vaughn believes that stagnation is a death-in-life and something to avoid especially when it comes to comedy. The same old stand-up routines elicit the least amount of laughter. Things have to be shaken not stirred.

Then there is his controversial stance on Edward Snowden whom he considers to be ethically superior than the government whose activities he spied on. Such vigilance is the price we have to pay for freedom. When Big Brother is watching you all the time, the scenario resembles a 1984 dystopia that is more horrific than our worst nightmare.   

As for the gun laws in the country, he feels they are skewed. Most of the outlaws out there in the wilderness have guns, rifles and howitzers in scads. Thus they are able to kill innocent people in the suburbs and inner city schools where guns are not allowed.

If the students had been carrying some firearms as a last resort act of self-defense, most of the shootings would not have taken place in the first place, according to the radically honest and straightforward Vaughn. 

Vaughn even has the chutzpah to believe that the war on drugs and the crime school that is prison ought to be abolished. Once marijuana is legalized, it will lose its attraction for the common high school  teenager. And all these stupid laws have made a simple procedure as walking down a street a risky venture.   

Vince, you are a man hooked on the truth serum, alright!

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