Netflix is Unchallenged Video On Demand Leader

According to the Nielsen Total Audience report for Q4 of 2014, Netflix is the clear leader in online video streaming.

Traditional TV watching is getting pushed to the side lines further and further as more households adopt video on demand. According to the new Nielsen Total Audience report for Q4 of 2014, over 40% of US homes have access to at least one online streaming videos service. 13% of home use more than one online video service. 

The clear market leader for online video streaming is Netflix with a 36% market share. Amazon Prime stands at 13% and Hulu Plus comes in third at 6.5%. The market will though undergo some big changes in 2015 with the launch of HBO Now and the growth of services like Sling TV. 

Netflix has though good cards to continue to be number one. The reasonable low price and the successful original programming will keep it an attractive video on demand service. HBO Now has to proof to be worth the $15 per month first.

Nielsen also found out that homes with subscription streaming services and streaming devices nearly have 50 minutes more media usage than a typical TV home. Not surprisingly, VOD homes are above-average for HD penetration, enabled Smart TVs, DVRs, and Video game Consoles. They have multiple PCs and Tablets. VOD homes are using media devices including video game consoles almost 3 hours per day (excluding live TV). A normal TV household is using TV connected devices only 2 hours per day.

Looking at the average media habits of adults, TV watching is still predominant, but slowly loosing grounds. in 2012 adults spent 5:10h watching live TV per day. In 2014 that dropped to 4:51h per day. 

The amount of time spent in front of the TV is still mind boggling. 

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