Walmart Black Friday 2014 Protests are Coming

Walmart Black Friday 2014 Protests are Coming

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Worker unions are again organizing Walmart Black Friday Protests to demand higher wages.

Walmart is in an ongoing battle with worker unions about a mininum wage of $15/hour and access to full time hours. The UFCW and OUR Walmart organize again protests on Black Friday at Walmart stores like in past years. The unions ask Americans to support thier petition to the Walmart Owners.

The petition on the Black Friday Protests site reads: “Dear Walmart Owners, the Waltons: I support Walmart workers’ calls for $15/hr and access to full time hours. If you fail to respond by Black Friday, (November 28th) the biggest shopping day of the year, we will hold massive protests nationwide.”

Last year, Walmart has downplayed the protests saying that they did not affect Black Friday sales. According to a CBS report from 2013, there have been 1,500 protests. Will the Walmart Black Friday protests bigger this year?

Just a couple days ago Walmart made an unpopular announced to cut health insurance coverage for about 30,000 part-time workers, joining other retailers cutting benefits because of the Affordabel Care Act. The benefits cut is hitting workers that work less than 30 hours.

Over all, Walmart employs about 1.3 million people in the United States, and provides health coverage to about 1.2 million workers and workers family members according to this Walmart blog post.

As Black Friday approaches we will get a clearer sense how big the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Protests are going to get and how Walmart will handle it.

The Walmart Black Friday 2014 sale will again already start Thanksgiving Day in stores. According to a recent report the Walmart Stores will already open Thanksgiving Day morning. It is not clear yet when the first Walmart Black Friday doorbuster deals will start selling. Last year the Walmart Black Friday sale kicked off at 6pm. Here is our overview of what we expect of the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sale.

When is Black Friday 2014? Black Friday 2014 is on November 28th.
Again Black Friday retailers will have a whole month to market Black Friday 2014 deals. We will  bring you extensive news, ads, deals and reviews of all what Black Friday 2014 has to offer and will guide you to the hottest bargains like we did in the past years.

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