Warren Sapp arrested and fired by NFL for paying Hookers for Sex

Warren Sapp arrested and fired by NFL for paying Hookers for Sex

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Warren Sapp was arrested by the police and he was also fired by the NFL for paying two hookers for some surreptitious sex on the side.

Warren Sapp had served the NFL as an A class footballer, but Warren Sapp was fired from the ranks of the NFL recently for having promiscuous sex with two call girls. 

Besides losing his job as a high ranking footballer he also is currently in police custody for his crime which is more of a crime without a victim. Two women who were present at a hotel where Sapp was staying were actually paid escorts. 

They took a trip to Sapp’s suite and there an argument broke out which was to have serious consequences. The problem seemed to be financial in nature. 

Soon the argument turned into a fight and Sapp supposedly lashed out at the two women of easy virtue. The two incurred injuries that were visibly ample enough to warrant the long arm of the law to intervene and put matters right. 

As both the ladies of the night and Sapp struggled outside the player’s suite, the police arrived just in the nick of time.  

Later on when Sapp was interrogated by the police, he did assent to soliciting the females for satisfying his sexual lust, but refused to accept the fact that he had hurt the two. 

The two women were later on set free from police custody with a warning. Things are not as they once were for Warren Sapp though. His name has been struck off the list of the NFL roster. 

Sapp was also a regular fixture on the show titled DWTS. He is a fit and finely built hulk of a star. But this minor lapse in good judgement just might prove to be his Waterloo. 

Warren has faced two previous run-ins with the law and both had to do with him assaulting others. So it looks like this time the law will not be looking the other way. It will choose to no more be a Mr. Nice Guy with Sapp. 

It comes as somewhat of  a surprise when bad things happen to good people. But when people who had a squeaky clean image end up making such extreme blunders, all their fans can do is shake their heads in pity and exasperation. 

Warren Sapp’s reputation has taken the blow of a lifetime. It will be a long time before his ego will rise from the ashes of this misdemeanor.  

Source: TMZ


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