Watch Jack Black And Jimmy Fallon Singing More Than Words

Watch Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon Singing More Than Words

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Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon, those two clowns of television, redid the song titled More Than Words. Their version was funny, absurd and hilarious in equal measures.

Jack Black is a comedian par excellence. He has worked on a lot of projects that have been laugh riots. Take the example of Tenacious D and School of Rock as object lessons in his art of parodying and classic impersonations. Now he and Jimmy Fallon have teamed up to sing the 90s song More Than Words. This revolutionary version of the song tickles the funny bone alright. The original band which sang the song was Extreme. The two got their freak on at the platform that was the Tonight Show. 

They recreated everything from the long hair to the meaningful signs one of them made at the camera during the rendition of the song. Black impersonated Gary while Fallon took on the physiognomy of Nuno. In its own time, More Than Words was the top selling song in the United States and it reached #2 status across the Atlantic in the UK. 

The number has been made fun of by more artists than any other song. Weird Al Yankovic and several other musicians have parodied it much to the chagrin of the original artists who composed the lyrics and melody of the masterpiece. The really important thing to consider is that this new version by Black and Fallon has a 100% similarity to the original. And this /4/be the reason it is so damn funny in the first place.  

The fact that both Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon are adept in musical renditions besides their comedy routines speaks volumes about this replica of a parody. It shows that they had the capacity to copy each and every movement and sound of the prototype song. 

Fallon is known to create all sorts of spoofs where he engages in tomfoolery and mischief-making of the ultimate kind. And this time around he seems to have hit the nail on the head with Jack Black assisting him in his quest. The song was so realistically portrayed that it just brought endless guffaws and belly laughs to the audience members who could not get enough of it. The two were quite a pair and their voices along with the music will echo for a long time in the hallways of copycat works. 

Watch below the video of Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon singing More Than Words.

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